Case Study: Chrismukkah

KOGS Communication, retained in early November, overcame daunting challenges to launch a new company, Chrismukkah, and its line of humorous interfaith holiday cards, achieving extraordinary results that Chrismukkah’s CEO dubbed the company’s own Hanukkah miracle.

Chrismukkah Owners at Today Show 
Ron and Michelle Gompertz await their appearance on The Today Show.

KOGS generated well over 2,000 known media placements worldwide, far exceeding the 35-40 expected for an extremely late-in-the-season launch.  Good timing and creative pitches attracted print and broadcast reporters and producers, with media coverage by Good Morning America, FOX-TV News, The Wall Street Journal, Wall St. Journal Radio, and an Associated Press (AP) story that circulated worldwide.  Card sales soared to 10 times projections, and the word "Chrismukkah” was added to the lexicon.  KOGS won a top PRSA award for this consumer campaign.